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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 20, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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santa rosa will start to work their way south, as they do we will see the rain develop. not in the next couple minutes but the next hour, 2-3 hours. a wind advisory is in effect. it is windy now. the wind advisory, wind gusts to 20, 30, 40 miles per hour. the winds are out of the south, that will have a strong impact on the bridges for the morning commute. tomorrow morning, friday morning commute, which is a get away commute, we have weather to talk about. when i back here we will walk you through tomorrow. >> the north bay will get hit the hardest, up to 5 inches of rain. ktvu's jade hernandez continues our storm watch coverage now. >> reporter: it hasn't started raining here yet but the rain may cause problems for shoppers
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because this is an outdoor mall and it may delay travelers so one city prepped for the worst. >> reporter: we found pacifica cleaning up storm drains this afternoon. they installed a trash capture device on the top of the drain that workers monitor before and after storms. we want to make sure the stuff doesn't wash down into the storm drain and go out into the ocean. >> reporter: they have a plan for this weekend and christmas week. >> talking about who was going a be available, what crews will be called first. >> reporter: across the peninsula at sfo they aren't sure they will make it to whisk because of the storm -- to wisconsin because of the storm. >> we have reservations already. >> reporter: this canceled flights throughout the mid-
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west. sfo is bracing for big holiday crowds tomorrow. >> the forecast is for rain, we will see if mother nature has that in store for us. >> reporter: they are realistic travelers. >> nothing else you can do. can't change the weather. >> reporter: 130,000 travelers expected -- travelers are expected in and out of san francisco tomorrow. it is the bizzest travel day. -- busiest travel day. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> there are several ways to keep track of the storms, update through, look for the link near the top of the page or follow us on twitter and we post updates on the ktvu channel 2 news facebook page. much of the mid-west is digging out from a snowstorm that dumped a foot of snow in some locations. >> iowa and wisconsin suffered the brunt of the storm with
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heavy snow fall and temperatures dipping into the single digits. the storm is creating harsh conditions in the planes and making travel -- plains and making travel difficult. it is responsible for the cancellation of a thousand nights. >> are you with pg&e? prepare for a rate hike. the public utilities commission allowed them to make the rate hike. ktvu's tom vacar broke down what it will cost. >> reporter: indeed the system wide improvements will cost all of us more in a few days. >> reporter: it is a lot of money but less than what pg&e asked for. >> only 299 million or 39% of the amount that pg&e requested. >> reporter: with that public utilities commission will replace hundreds of miles of
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major gas pipelines. >> the plan will set a new standard for how we define safe and reliable service. >> reporter: the improvements will allow pg&e to make big money. >> they will make money. $130million because of what happened in san bruno and they shouldn't be allowed to do that. >> they blew up our town, killed 8 people and they are giving them a profit on what they should have done a long time ago. >> 100 years ago they controlled the p.u.c., ran california. today it looks like pg&e is running the p.u.c. >> reporter: what does that mean for you? the average bill will go up 88 cents a month next year, followed by $1.36 a month the next year. >> our plan sought out to simply meet new standards put
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forward by the c. p.u.c. >> reporter: with upgrade rural mains are next and that will cost more, that will come up at 6:00 p.m., consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the p.u.c. approved $150 million in statewide research. that research will explore better safety of energy systems, better technology to monitor systems for safety and how to get the most reliable wind and solar energy. >> we think that any research project that is too risky to be funded for share holders is too risky to be funded by rate payer. >> that will cost 30 cents a month. we are learning new information about a fatal
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shooting at a apartment complex today. it happened about 10:45 a.m. this morning. 30 minutes ago police released the identity of the victim. officers say he was gunned down in the parking lot. he was visiting from arkansas. there is no motive for the shooting. two schools went into lock down for an hour while police suched for the us spect -- searched searched searched for the suspect. grandmother in the wrong place at the wrong time. ktvu's paul chambers tells us she was killed by a stray bullet. >> reporter: people are asking for tougher gun control laws since this happened near a head start program. few hours ago i spoke with the victim's family, she was a
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mother and a grandmother. >> reporter: two candles and flowers lay near the area where she was shot and killed. police say before 7:00 p.m. last night someone fired several shots. a clerk at a store said she heard the gun shots and people ran for cover. >> as the guy ran in i thought they were trying to kill him and i thought they were going to shoot everyone. >> the shooter never entered the store but she heard someone calling for help. she was pronounced dead on the scene. officers believe she was caught in the middle of a gun fight. >> i wish they could do away with guns all together. you know? they are in the wrong hands. >> drugs and gangs. gang stuff. >> reporter: they have become
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immune to gunfire and feel something has to be done. till then a member of the community is gone too soon. >> at first i didn't believe it. mona, she never bothered anybody. why would somebody kill her? >> reporter: police haven't released information about a suspect information or motive. some believe the shooter was aiming at a car passing by. live in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a person on a bike was killed by a amtrak train. it happened before 11:30 a.m. the train left oakland 10:00 a.m. there were 92 passengers on board. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> a man and his dog were killed in a hit-and-run accident this morning about
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8:30 a.m. officers responded to a report of a man down. the 64-year-old man and his dog were suffering from major injuries. the accident is under investigation at this point, there are no suspects in custody. more fuelrens today in #-- funerals today in newton, connecticut. friends and family said good- bye to benjamin wheeler. he was one of six funerals for the 26 students and teachers killed. funeral rangements for the gunman's mother are being made in new hampshire. vice president joe biden met with officials to launch a new task force to recommend new gun laws. >> for anything to get done we will need the advocacy of the law enforcement in this country. >> joe biden is over seeing the
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response to last week's school shooting. president obama will push congress to enact new laws limiting access like those used by the gunman. the connecticut school shooting has social media going off the charts. it led to more discussions about gun policy than other shootings. it says gun policy accounted for 30% of discussions examined on blogs and twitter in the three days following the massacre. >> newton, connecticut's tragedy is bringing bay area teens together. ktvu's dep ruv is live -- debora villalon is live with how the community is reacting. >> reporter: they have gathered here. for a week they have been wanting to do something.
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they will be lighting candles and share prayers and messages of hope. organizers reached out to neighboring high schools and invited students. many people experienced violence in their own lives so what happened in connecticut cuts close. >> sad to say. it is true. but various young people, there is a generation of people that want to put an tend to violence in america. in schools and homes. and that is whose gathering here, people who have hope for a change. >> reporter: she is a 2008 grad and she mentors teens and heads the christian club here. more people are arriving every minute for this vigil. they have been circulating flyers on campus and on live. debora villalon, ktvu channel 2
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news. you know, it was a miracle. >> they called it a miracle on 42 street, in oakland that is. the accident and the good samaritans who came to the rescue. <
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one witness is calling it the miracle on 42 street. a car crashed into a fire hydrant and flipped over. two people were trapped inside. and a group of good samaritans rushed in to the rescue. >> out of nowhere these guys just came a neighbor, a ups truck, a person -- utility worker. everyone. 12 guys. >> the rescuers managed to flip the car over and the driver and
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passenger escaped without injury. a key lawmaker is calling on the feds to follow california's need on providing mental health services. ktvu's ken pritchett reports on the changes being proposed. >> you need a plan. >> call to a suicide hot line called the effort. it is considered a model mental health facility. they receive state money from prop 63. >> it is pointed at treatment and not prevention. >> reporter: in the wake of the newton, connecticut shooting, some say more money should go to treat the mentally ill. >> it shouldn't take an outrageous tragedy to spark a conversation about mental health. >> reporter: he announced a new website to make it easier for people to seek mental health
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and he called on the government to match states, dollar for dollar on funding for mental health prevention programs. california spends a billion dollars a year through prop 63. >> do we have a better responsibility of preventing these tragedies if we focus on a well funded, smart, cost effective national mental health system? you better believe it. >> reporter: he is sending this letter to joe biden, vice president joe biden, who is leading that panel that was formed in the wake of the newton, connecticut shooting. they will discuss the gun issue but he is hoping the mental health issue will be part of that discussion. in sacramento, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. officials told the senate foreign relations committee mistakes were made that led to the attack in benghazi and said
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they made changes since the attack. including sending extra marines to diplomat missions. john kerry says congress also bears responsibility. >> congress has the power of the purse. and we asked our state department to operate with lesser resources to conduct essential missions. >> foramens died in the -- four americans died in the attack, including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. the late senator -- daniel inouye who died sunday is lying in the capital rotunda. he was a injured veteran of world war ii. he is remembered for his integ red in time -- integrity in
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times of crisis. daniel inouye also earned raise during the reagan administration. a 19-year-old welder suffered injuries in an industrial accident. it happened about 9:15 a.m. an i beam fell on him. fellow workers pulled the beam off of him. he is in serious condition. shoppers are on alert after a woman was held up in the mall parking lot before 7:30 p.m. last night. police say the woman was approached from behind and a man demanded money. she didn't have cash so she gave him her credit card. there is no suspect description. but police say the man left the
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scene in a small, light colored older model car. firefighter was injured and dozens of people were put out after a apartment fire today. the flames broke out at 5:30 a.m. this morning on broad street. a woman who lives on the second floor told ktvu she saw the flames break out near her tv. but firefighters haven't confirmed that was the cause. 25 people were evacuated. >> companies began doing a search. during that time i had a firefighter suffer from moke inhalation. no one else was -- smoke inhalation. no one else was hurt. firefighters also put out around home that broke out around 2:00 a.m. this morning on a house that was under construction. firefighters do not believe anyone was in the home when fire started.
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the fire does not appear to be suspicious. the daughter of senator dianne feinstein announced she is retiring as a superior court judge. she will step down from the bench effective february 1. she was appointed to the superior court in 2000. she has no specific plans but now seems to be a good time for a transition. back to the weather. the storm is on the way. >> it will show up in the next hour in the north bay and over the rest of the area tonight and tomorrow morning. tomorrow is a big day, folks getting out of town. rain on the road and the winds blowing 40, 40, 50 miles per hour. santa rosa right now. you got -- showers up near the russian river. 10-miles to the north is where the rain is.
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working its way south. as we spread out and look at the lake tahoe area, that storm warning lasts through sunday. this is going to be a nice snow producer. and snow is good for us because it puts water in the rev wars. we will -- reservoirs. winter storm warnings in the mountains. cool storm headed our way. late tonight, early tomorrow morning. right now the winds are something to focus on. they will be gusting. especially tomorrow night, friday 8:00 a.m., wind gusts along the coast, 50 miles per hour. 48 miles per hour. 39 miles per hour. 41 miles per hour. that south wind will come up long the bridges. last time, a big rig flipped
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over on the bridge. these inside kinds of the winds have the ability to cause big problems on the bridge. you get the idea. tomorrow morning's commute on bay area bridges with wet roadways, never good. here is the computer model. 8:00 p.m., showers showing up. it will be scattered showers, light showers, breezy conditions. as we get into the late night, early morning hours it goes off. wind hits. rain hits. when i come back, morning commute. how long it will last. helping families in need, what is being handed out to hundreds of families and why one parent feels like a kid in
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a toy story. >> the warning tonight about reindeer and why you may want to avoid getting too close to them.
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if you paid a parking ticket in oakland you may -- oakland you may be due a refund. the city failed to notify people who over paid tickets. the city with held $316,000 in
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over paid parking tickets. 1/3 were for double the amount of the ticket. law requires cities to refund over payments. the city says it plans to try to implement a refund process. >> hundreds of families are receiving help for the holidays. ktvu's janine de la vega shows us how parents who can't afford to buy gifts are now getting a chance toshop -- to shop. [ singing ] >> reporter: a festive atmosphere. these volunteers are taking parents into this toy room. some of the parents are unemployment. others are on a tight budget. they waited over night to beamong the first to pick -- be among the first to pick gifts. >> i want her to be happy. i am excited. i feel like a kid in a store.
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>> reporter: toys were sectioned off for boys boys and girls according to ages. >> it is a luxury and we want to make sure we bring the help -- help bring the joy into the holidays for families to celebrate together. >> reporter: some say their money is tight. >> my daughter wanted a back pack and my son didn't make a list. he just wanted something. didn't care. >> this is fine. >> reporter: she is grateful for these organizations. besides toys she was chosen to pick a bike for her son. >> when christmas comes they will be able to open up something. feels great. >> reporter: they are still short on presents for teens so they would appreciate any donations of gift cards. tomorrow more parents are scheduled to come through here. janine de la vega, ktvu channel
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2 news. volunteers hold another toy give away. coming up at 6:00 p.m., ktvu's cara liu will tell us how theyicater to a specific group -- they cater to a specific group. if you plan to visit reindeer, a study found that some children who come in contact with reindeer develop rashes or eye infections because doctors say they can carry fly larva that can penetrate skin. in federal court, a key hearing on a case about medical marijuana. what is next? >> and a fiscal cliff show down or not? the late development on a vote planned for tonight on speaker of the house john boehner's plan. well, well, well.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> a key hearing today about the government's crack down on medical marijuana and for the first time the city of oakland is siding with medical marijuana dispensary. they are taking on the feds in a hearing one that could effect the future of medical marijuana. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler live now in oakland with one reason. >> reporter: this is the health center. you see the christmas lights. a city is arguing economic need to keep open one of the largest
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medical marijuana dispensary. >> reporter: medical pot makes this store $20 million a year. the government wants to sees this property and shut it down. today a judge in san francisco held a key hearing. >> the future in california and in the rest of the country. >> they couldn't come up with a reason to bring this action so they said they were doing it because it was too big. >> the u.s. attorney gave me a statement, the larger the operation, the greater the likelihood there will be abuse and marijuana in the hands of individuals who don't have a need. the city siding with the medical marijuana dispensary that pays significant taxes. >> we would like the government to stop the waste of resources of trying to shut down
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legitimate regulations. >> reporter: landlords risk losing their buildings. the court could throw this out on a technicality. they want a jury trial. the judge didn't indicate when she might rule but they are optimistic this case will go to trial. health and science editor john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. today the city of berkeley announced a reaward to help filed -- reward who help find a person who killed a woman. she was found shot to death. the city and crime stoppers are offering $17,000 for information leading to the rest and conviction of the killer. the inheritance show down has ended with a deal.
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thomas kinkade's widow and girlfriend have been in a legal battle. at stake is his estate. the two women have reached a settlement. the terms were not made public. the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits rose last week, reversing four weeks of declines. the numbers seeking aid rose by 17,000 but the average is down given the activity of the last four weeks. the job market continues to grow. applications surged after hurricane sandy but they have fallen again. with the nation on the edge of the fiscal cliff, the u.s. house has put off a vote on plan b. speaker of the house john boehner's build would have extended tax cuts for everyone except those making more than a million dollars a year but he
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said it didn't have enough votes to pass. president obama has also promised a veto. she says many people will be hurt if the nation goes over the fiscal cliff. >> we will see the markets do a death spiral in the united states, it will have an impact globally. so ira, 401(k)s will be impacted. this is not a game. >> she says there is still a big divide between republicans and democrats. president obama's plan calls for tax increases for families making 4 than $400,000 -- making more than $400,000 a year. >> it is in the thousands, not hundreds of thousands. >> if you are a very wealthy
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venture cappalists you will get -- capital lists you will get caught in higher tax rates. >> if they can't reach a compromise americans will be hit with the largest tax hike in history. big news on wall street, the new york stock exchange has been acquired by a atlanta start up. the buyer is the exchange of atlanta, which is known as ice. the 220-year-old new york stock exchange has been a symbol of american capitalism. ice says little will change as a result of the deal. stocks ended higher across the board, lifted by hopes lawmakers might reach a deal on the fiscal cliff. the dow is up 59 to 13,311. the nasdaq is up 6 at 3,050. the s&p is up 7 at 1,443. netflix is accused of
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patten infringement. yesterday open tv fileed a lawsuit. the suit comes as the demand increases for the deliver of tv shows and movies. the pope is battling justin bieber. pope benedict xvi gained 2.1 billion followers. justin bieber has more but they say the pope wins on retweets and shows people are looking for more spiritual content. crash sends several people to the hospital, the accident that sent one car into a pole, and one into a sidewalk and a pedestrian traps. >> rail lines could be targeted
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for terrorists, which lines would be at risk.
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police are trying to figure out what led to a crash that injured one person after 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. two cars were involved. one smashed into a pole and the other drove up to a sidewalk.
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three pedestrians were hurt with one trapped underneath the car. no word on the cause of the crash or the conditions of the victims. the fire department is getting a federal grant. the money from the department of homeland security will increase the number of firefighters. they are working to figure out how many firefighters it will be able to hire and rehire with that money. punole fire department received 1.2 million from that same grant. several rail systems could be a target for terrorists. a new report reveals not enough is being done to keep passengers safe. they looked at 19 of the busiest rail lines across the country. reports of security threats weren't always reported to tsa even though it is required.
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>> some inspectors recommend every case of a knife or gun be reported. other inspectsers said that wasn't necessary -- inspectors said that wasn't necessary. >> police say they have arrested a man who was trying to steal christmas presents. daniel price is accused of taking packages containing presents that were delivered to a home. a resident has video of him committing the crime on monday. they published photos from the video and that led police to price who is now behind bars. officers recovered stolen items from his home and other people reported similar thefs. >> preparing for -- thefts. preparing for the end of the world, why it has some peoonigh
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>> i am tracking this system, the first in a series of three. i got the time line for what you can expect for your friday morning.
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we have breaking news happening in the north bay. there has been a bank robbery at this citibank. police officers are on the scene. the robbers made a get away. they ran away after robbing the citibank. this is just east of 101 near
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downtown in san rafael. investigators are on the scene. interviewing witnesses, tellers who had contact with the robbers. they got away but at this point the search is just beginning and police are trying to figure out what happened and who is responsible. we will stay on top of this and try to get more information from police as we just spoke with them. we will have an update on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow could be another friday or could be the end of the world. ktvu's ann rubin is live in san francisco with how some are preparing and other are not. >> reporter: that's right. here they have a doom's day party planned for tonight. some people are celebrating, others are stock piling just in case. >> reporter: is it the end of civilization or the end of the
5:47 pm
mien cal-- mayan calendar. answering thousands of e-mails and calls and supplying video answers online. >> this is a big hoax. it will be a day just like any other. >> reporter: still stores have seen a spike in business from those buying survival gear. >> the conversation steers away end of day and more towards earthquakes. >> reporter: less of a big deal for these guests. it is an appropriate place to spend their last night. >> my rent is paid up so i am ready to go if it happens. >> bands, djs. if we are still here. >> those looking looking to celebrate. >> where do you want to be? at a party.
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>> reporter: the uptown is expecting between 3-400 people tonight. the party starts at 9:00 p.m. and goes till 1:30 a.m. provided the world hasn't ended. live in oakland, ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. they say only the good die young and that may be true, especially when it comes to musicians. rock and pop stars die prematurely than the general population. early death is twice as likely for solo musicians. researchers studied 1500 rock and pop stars that became famous and found they suffered higher levels of mortality than members of the general population and american pop stars are more likely to die
5:49 pm
premucharlie. -- prematurely. the toughest anti-drinking policy in the military. binge drinking has increased. anyone who tests positive at .01% or higher will be referred to counseling. if it is .04% or higher they will determine their fitness for duty. a pioneer, one of the first african american television reporters in the nation has died. ben ill-ians suffered -- ben williams suffered a stroke. he received numerous awards, including two emmys. funeral services are saturday
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in oakland. >> i remember watching him well. our weather now. we have got a series of storms heading towards the bay area. >> the rain is showing up in the north bay and it spreads south over night. we will see rain over night. but the strong stuff is over night. we have it mapped out for you. there is a ban closer to us. you see it right here, hitting santa rosa. showers are still aways away from us. from the central bay, north bay, 25-miles to the north. we are looking for showers to begin in the next 4 hours or so as we move into the evening hours. starting in the north bay, working their way south. san jose will see rain in the morning. a.m. showers and rain in the afternoon. showers remaining in the forecast through the weekend.
5:51 pm
three storms. this is the system. brings rain in the area. one storm tonight, another storm tomorrow night and another storm sunday. sunday is the strongest storm. rainfall tonight, showers over the bay area. then into the morning hours. still raining. and on the morning commute, winds ramp up and you see yellows. 5:00 a.m., wet. we will talk a lot about the roadways because friday is a big day. on top of that you have people getting away for the holidays. 7:00 a.m., raining hard. 8:00 a.m. continues. and then starts to back down around lunchtime. heavy showers in the north and then breaks. 4:00 p.m. tomorrow is a messy day driving around here. highs tomorrow, mid-50s. different kind of storm. not as cold as the last ones.
5:52 pm
this drops 2-5 inches of rain over three days. kind of what you would expect. good. we need it. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. tomorrow morning is the heaviest. shower in the afternoon. saturday morning again and saturday afternoon might see the sun and sunday showery all day. >> sounds like the commute tomorrow -- [ talking at the same time ] >> the story. >> thank you. it was 8 years with in the making, now a push to save california's coast line is nearing a victory.
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more live pictures from news chopper two. a bank robbery happened at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. on third street in the heart of the psittacine. we just con-- heart of the city. we are on the phone with police right now working to get more information and we will have that in minutes on the 6:00 p.m. news. >> lawmakers made a push to protect california's coastal waters and wildlife. the report from washington, d.c. on where the new protections would apply. >> reporter: after 8 years of trying to get more protection
5:56 pm
for the water and wildlife, california lawmakers have the support to get it done. no awe -- u.s. national oceanic and atmospheric administration is working to get it done. >> they are going to hear from the people who live and work in sonoma county and along the coast and they are going to know the people that live there want it. >> the expansion could stretch from bodega bay to alder creek and off shore drilling will be banned. >> drill, drill, baby, drill. why, baby, why? when we have a strong economy and so many jobs that are related to beautiful coast line. >> reporter: on top of protecting endangered species, this makes economic sense. >> it will preserve half a
5:57 pm
million jobs and 36 billion in economic activity. >> reporter: getting approval for the expansion could take up to two years. but they are hopeful. she says it is the perfect retirement gift. >> this you can see and touch and i am so proud. there will be three public meetings. the first is the end of next month. ktvu channel 2 news. trade mark officials ruled against apple rejecting their pinch to zoom patten. they said it claimed the same technology. they are in a battle battle -- battle. apple is expected to challenge the ruling. >> students finishing the final week before their holiday break had to spend days in classrooms without heat. coming up in 2 minutes, the
5:58 pm
simple thing that fixed fixed the problem after we investigated complaints from parents who were fed up. it is a story you will see only on 2. >> and we are tracking the storm as rain moves in and heads south. how this will impact your holiday travel plans.
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